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I believe that you’re great, that there’s something magnificent about you. Regardless of what has happened to you in your life, regardless of how young or how old you think you might be, the moment you begin to think properly, there’s something that is within you, there’s power within you, that’s greater than the world. It will begin to emerge. It will take over your life. It will feed you. It will clothe you. It will guide you, protect you, direct you, sustain your very existence, if you let it. Now, that is what I know for sure.
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If ever you need to find peace, need to clear your head, or need to search for the truth, go for a long walk by yourself. Nothing feeds the soul quite like reconnecting with nature, and nothing reconnects you to your own soul quite like being alone. Ditch the phone and the ipod, put on a jacket, point yourself in a direction, and go. I guarantee you will find peace in your mind, joy in nature, and answers in your heart.

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