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INFJs are known for their ‘ah-ha!’ moments of intuition. But we often feel like we can’t always trust them. This is why we have the rest of our cognitive functions (especially the rational Ti) to help us come to the right conclusions. Luckily INFJs take a long time to make decisions, thinking them over backwards and forwards in their minds until they come to the best conclusion for themselves and others. Remember if you feel like you can’t trust your intuition, trust your deliberation. INFJs are known for making wise decisions for a reason.

Think hard,

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You can’t spend the rest of your life being afraid of people rejecting you, and you have to start by not rejecting yourself, you don’t deserve it. People can either accept you for who you are or they can fuck off
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Anonymous asked: Is it normal for an INFJ to start questioning their feelings, doubting they still hold their deep held and lifelong values? I feel like I am going crazy, I do not want to doubt my values, I want to still believe in them.. please help me!

An INFJ who has developed the rational self-analytic powers of our third function Introverted Thinking in combination with our Introverted Intuition (known as the Ni-Ti loop) has mastered a powerful tool. INFJs are always analyzing themselves so it is very normal for us to have doubts. Sure it feels like we’re going crazy at the time, but we’re really just using our cognitive functions to solve a problem. And hey, if it doesn’t get solved (many of them never do) then don’t worry about it. Nobody is giving you an expiration date of when you’re supposed to have your values figured out. They can change for the rest of your life. It means you’re an open-minded person. It may be frustrating but at least you have the comfort of knowing that you won’t get easily swept up in ignorant rhetoric because you think things through more than that. But I think if you still want to believe in something then it is important to you, and if it is important to you, you can dedicate yourself to it, and if you can dedicate yourself to it, you can believe in it.

Stay Awesome

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Anonymous asked: I'm in high school, an INFJ, and I find that almost everyday that I go to school, I always end up feeling so physically drained even in the mornings, no matter what time I slept the night before. The feeling starts in the back of my eyes. It makes me very tired. Then one day some of the students went on a retreat and that left only 19 of us in the class and that's when this whole other side of me unleashed itself. I walked around and talked and laughed so much. Is this an INFJ thing?

It’s an introvert thing ma dear! We prefer small groups and are more energized by being alone or with a few select people! Be sure to give yourself time to recharge everyday and make time for the people who really matter and you can be that energetic everyday!

Stay introverted and proud,

Stay Awesome

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Anonymous asked: As an infj, its hard to let go of anyone I’ve made a true connection with. So many people have walked in & out of my life with moment’s notice & yet I’m surprised every time. I suppose I'm naive & think everyone is going to show me the best side of themselves that they’ve promised me. Casual confrontations result in excuses, and I’m usually left without much closure. It drives my anxiety crazy & makes me analyze myself/be hard on myself, especially when I have no answers. Any thoughts?

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Anonymous asked: I have found that in my head I'm very organized, and I am at work. But at home I always seem to be so disorganized and my house becomes cluttered (to my standards) and I freak out and clean for a whole day trying to make things perfect. It's very burdensome at times and overwhelming. Any suggestions?

I’m the exact same way! You can always tell how stressed/busy I am by how much clutter is in my living space (especially clothes on the floor in my room). The only way I’ve been able to stop that build up of clutter that causes me so much stress is to make sure I do something little to clean up every day. Do the dishes before they become a heap, sweep before it gets actually dusty, vacuum before you think you need to. Because when things get ACTUALLY dirty then it becomes an all day thing that you will want to put off until things get REALLY bad. Sometimes I don’t always have free time and then that’s how things pile up BUT I’ve found that if instead of say, opening facebook or tumblr when I’m bored, if I do a few dishes instead, then I get in the habit of cleaning when I’m bored and then things don’t pile up. 

But hey, cut yourself some slack. If things do pile up, don’t give yourself grief about it (that won’t encourage you to be any cleanlier). And besides, if you’re anything like me, your place is probably clean more often than most other people :)

Stay Awesome

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