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mishcollins asked: Thanks for your reply, I love that comic. <3 The only problem is I don't know what I'd want to do if money was no object.

You’ll know someday. You have plenty of time. You’re entire life in fact. Everyone thinks that you have to major in whatever you want to do for the rest of your life but in fact many people go on to do very different things from what they majored in while in college. In fact, I recommend not even worrying about what you want to do with your life and just focus on what classes you want to take based on what sounds interesting. Soon enough you’ll find yourself drawn towards certain fields and realizing your passions. Discovering and rediscovering your passions and working towards them is a lifelong process so take your time and have fun with it. But most importantly, don’t worry about it. You’ll figure it out.

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Anonymous asked: To the girl who asked for advice with her INTP boyfriend (I know this is really late, but maybe it'll help someone else) and the issue with getting bored with the relationship/feeling restless, I went through the same thing with my bf, who's also an INTP. We talked and realized that my emotional needs weren't met, and once we started to focus more on bonding at an emotional level, my restless feelings went away. Of course, every relationship is different, but as an infj,

"that ‘missing factor’ in my relationship was basically meeting my emotional needs. Hope this helps!"

Thanks! Sharing advice is always appreciated! I recommend talking to your partner about whatever may be troubling in any relationship. I think just talking about boredom helps keep it away. Having a serious emotional conversation about anything helps fill those emotional needs. But making sure your emotional needs are being met by renegotiating things is essential for a happy relationship. 

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